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Our Projects

EPC have successfully executed and delivered a number of key projects in various sectors, including mining and resources. Below are examples of the type of projects which have been successfully delivered.

Mine Ramp 32 Power 

Supply Project

Project Brief

66/6.6kV power lines and Substation (SS) 38 to be relocated in order for mining operations to continue with the R32 pit.


Scope includes the installation of a new stubline extended from ABS 55 and relocation / upgrade of Substation 38.

Capital project - $2,1 M

Project Completion Dec 2012


Retraction of  3km of redundant  66/6.6kV Power lines

Installation of a new 700 meter long 66kV Stubline with underground road crossing and transportable mining substation earth mat.

Relocation of a fixed 66/6.6kV fixed substation including new concrete bund, earth mat and modifications to make the substation compliant to Australian standards.

Mine Transportable Mining Substation Upgrade Project

Project Brief

Project purpose is to install 66kV Circuit breakers and integrated arc flash protection including differential protection on 12 transportable mining substations.

Capital project - $7,5 M over 4 years

Project Completion Dec 2015



New 66kV ABB EDF SK1-1 2500A 72.5KV 25kA Circuit Breaker

New 72.5KV 100:1 Outdoor Current Transformers for over current and differential protection

New ABB RET615 Transformer Protection Relay with integrated arcflash relay

New Fortress interlocking system


Mine Ramp 16 Communications

Tower Project

Project Brief

The effectiveness of the existing Ramp 20 communications tower diminished with the advance of mining operations thus requiring the need for a new communications tower.

Capital project - $1,04 M

Project Completion Oct 2012



A new 60 meter communications tower

Improved radio and network communication along the mines haul road, back access road and northern pits.


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