Satellite Phones


In conjunction with our partner company Realtime Platform, we offer a one-stop shop for our clients providing the latest, most flexible and complete range of technology and satellite communications solutions providing for all aspects of promoting products and communicating with clients or personnel on a daily basis.

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Using VSAT satellite technology transmitting and receiving Voice, Video and Data at High Speed is possible over a larger landmass, not limited to geographic regions.

Using sky based satellites that link back to earth hub stations or site-to-site links, linking disparate sites together, including the option of fast direct connectivity to the Internet backbone via earth teleport stations.

There are a number of Satellite Phone options available, all of which are durable and robust handsets offering quality communications.

​​We have a range of Satellite Phones to suit your individual need, whether you are a mining company or field engineer.

We offer a complete communications solution wherever you are

With significant experience in the Satellite Technology Industry we are able to offer our customers peace of mind. We offer a simple, flexible, reliable and inexpensive tracking system which is used to track assets in real time, through a secure portal, allowing users to keep track of their assets in near real time.


Our system uses satellite GPS in conjunction with satellite or land-based communication services to provide global, two-way, real-time, web-access to standard and exception-based remote asset monitoring, and monitored data. 

Remote Tracking

Remote Monitoring