CCTV & Access Control

Through our partners STS, we are able to offer a compete security technology suite of products. 


CCTV has become one of the most powerful security tools of the current era, putting a face to thousands of offenders daily, as well as providing indisputable evidence in subsequent court hearings and protecting people in any populated space, from office and factory to the sporting stadium.
Our staff have been installing CCTV systems for many years, combining a wealth of experience with cutting edge technology in this most rapidly advancing sector of the industry.
From a single camera to fully networked, site-wide surveillance systems, Security & Technology Services can provide flexible, powerful CCTV solutions, bringing together high quality images with advanced storage, retrieval and networking.


Access Control

Modern, effective access control goes far beyond the keypad style solutions of the past, involving high bit rate, encrypted communications with hands free access control readers and incorporating elaborate patterns of access groups with overlapping variables such as seniority of personnel, priority zones within a premises and times of the day.
In the most sensitive of high security applications, advanced biometric recognition systems can positively identify the authorised user, eliminating the risk of intrusion with stolen access tokens.
Security & Technology Services has the experience and capability to design, install and maintain a system to suit any requirements, from a single door to the largest building or complex.

Intruder Detection

In an era where crime is commonplace and a few false alarms can leave your premises vulnerable, reliable intruder detection is vital.

The best solution is a combination of Australian designed and manufactured alarm panels combined with advanced detection equipment with the technology to minimise false alarms.

Systems can be monitored by Grade 1 Monitoring Centres or by your own mobile phone.

Fire Detection

Fire detection and evacuation systems, are absolutely paramount in today’s business and commercial environments. Fire is one of the most serious dangers that a business can face constant attention is required to minimise the adverse impact of fire. Because of the speed and totality of the destructive forces of fire, it constitutes one of the more serious threats, reliable and effective protection against this ever-present danger is essential.

Security & Technology Services offers a full AS1670 endorsed solution to any fire detection requirement. We install a wide range of fire detection and evacuation equipment, including analogue addressable systems, totally networked systems and full graphical interface packages.


It is essential to maintain any security or fire system to ensure that it is in good working order and the possibility of any hidden faults are identified.

Correct maintenance and service of equipment also provides value for money, by extending the operational life of the equipment.

Preventative measures can ensure the continual reliability of any system. Without effective maintenance even the best equipment will deteriorate, and without an effective response even a minor fault could cause a major problem.

It is vitally important that systems are properly maintained once installation has taken place. Regular scheduled maintenance will ensure continuous insurance cover and also meet your Health & Safety requirements.